1. Bachelor
  2. Interiørarkitektur og møbeldesign
  1. Auður Rún Jakobsdóttir
  2. Sound of music: recording studio


In the south of Iceland you find an old community house called Ásgarður, which has stayed empty and unused for many years. All around Iceland you can find old community houses that used to be the main meeting places for people in the spread communities. They were used for different occasions and, most often, music was included.

By transforming Ásgarður to a recording studio, a special place where musicians can go to focus on their art, the house gains new life and renewed function, fulfilling its potential again.

Project Description

How can sound affect design, or drive it? What happens when old and new meet? Can it create exciting tension within the space?

My intention is to create a space that is affected and inspired by the power of the  surrounding nature – its energy, character and calmness.

My goal is to enjoy the process, where I see myself taking an in-depth look at one aspect.


  1. audurr@gmail.com