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I have spent my whole life in the theatre. After graduating from the State Ballet School in Poznan and doing my apprenticeship as a ballet dancer in the operahouse, I worked for many years as a professional contemporary dancer in several dance companies. During those years I was constantly on the move.


Movement of the human body is pure beauty to me. The physicality and technicality of dance has always been important and inspiring. In my work as a designer, I am trying to find a way to dress the movement together with the body. I am inspired by movement and want to emphasise it. My aesthetic balances between beauty and ugliness, with elements of brutality and fairy tales. Since childhood I have been creating pictures in my head based on experiences of places I have been. Traveling is a never-ending source of inspiration for me. Meeting people, observing the world around me, noticing details, colours, flavours, smells and the sound of languages inspire my work, both in dance and design.

Project Description

My master project explores possibilities of costumes for contemporary dance in the context of poetry. I am working on developing a method for dressing the movement, while building narratives around Nayyirah Waheed’s poetry. Through analysing and observing the choreography, I am starting my design process based on the movement and body language of the dancers and the relationships between them on stage. By using the space that Rudolf von Laban has called «kinesphere», I am looking at spaces that exist between body, garment and choreography, in order to define wearable space for movement. Because of my interest in physicality itself, I am willing to extend the idea of the costume into visuals around the dancing body.

concept / costumes / objects : Zofia Jakubiec

light design / video : Jagoda Chalcinska

dancers : Elisabeth Christine Holth, Even Eileraas, Kjetil Andre Ward, Zofia Jakubiec

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